If you have been searching or using skin whitening products, you probably have heard about ‘hydroquinone’ already. This is a popular ingredient for creams or gel that are being used to lighten the skin color and eliminate dark discolorations. It is well-known to treat hyperpigmentation as it also helps fade dark marks.

How does it work? Hydroquinone limits the action of melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for producing melanin. With this, there is less pigment produced, making the skin look a lot lighter than normal.

The dangers of hydroquinone



Studies have shown that hydroquinone has a lot of adverse effects. With the prolonged use of products that contain this particular ingredient, Ochronosis may occur. This is a skin condition wherein thick brown skin develops. For those who have darker skin color, they may develop bluish black patches.


Aside from Ochronosis, users are also prone to cancer. This, however, was based only on laboratory tests that were made on rodents. But still, there is a big possibility that it is the same way for humans.

There are other dangers of using products that contain hydroquinone. These include serious allergic reaction, severe skin redness, cracking, bleeding, blisters, and much more. This is why a lot of countries all over the world have banned products with hydroquinone.

It contains mercury

Most of the dangers associated with hydroquinone are due to the presence of mercury. With the combination of these two, users may suffer from worse health conditions such as liver and kidney damage. Also, once you stop using the product, there is a tendency that your melanin cells will start to produce more pigmentation.

The use of whitening cream

ghdghsdsd65ghWhitening creams are very popular nowadays, especially among people who want to achieve a fairer skin. In fact, some of them even use anal bleaching creams to get rid of the dark skin around the anal region. The same is true with the vaginal area.

Whether you are aiming to whiten your face, neck, arms and legs, or your intimate areas, it is crucial that you review the ingredients of the products that you are planning to purchase. It is highly recommended that you buy whitening creams and other products that are made with natural ingredients; those that are free from hydroquinone. If you notice any symptoms of irritation, you should seek the help of a healthcare professional immediately.