Cause and symptoms of pinkeye

Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a condition that occurs when the conjunctiva swells and becomes red. In a normal person, the eye’s lining is normally clear. When an infection or irritation occurs, the eye lining turns red and swell.The conjunctiva is a membrane that is mucous in nature that lines the eye surface and eyelid.

  • Pinkeye is not life-threatening and usually goes away within 10 days. No medical intervention is necessary.
  • Causes of pinkeye.
  • Dry eyes due to the absence of tears and exposure to the sun and wind.
  • Viral or bacterial infections.
  • Effects of smoke, fumes, and chemicals.
  • Allergic infections.

Bacterial and viral pinkeye spread pretty fast and are very contagious. It is advisable to deal with the media through which they are spread since treatment is not available. The following should be done to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral pinkeye:

Avoid sharing personal items like towels and washcloths with people who have pinkeye

  • Carefully washing the hands.

Viral pinkeye

Caused by  adenovirus and in some cases herpes virus. Adenovirus is a virus associated with the respiratory system. The virus causes infection in the upper respiratory tract and is also responsible for a sore throat.

The symptoms for viral pinkeye normally lasts between 5 and 7 days. In case they are chronic, they may go up to 3 weeks.

Pinkeye should be taken seriously if it impairs your immune system, the vision has been reduced to one eye and one is forced to wear lenses.

When pinkeye is caused by herpes virus, antiviral medicine is normally used to treat the virus. Home treatment can help since one can feel comfortable as the infection goes away.

The main symptoms of viral pinkeye

Drainage from the eye which is whitish and could either be slightly thick or clear.

  • There is a lot of tearing in the eye membrane.
  • The front of the ears tends to be swollen or may be tender than usual.
  • There is a burning sensation of the eyelids. Itching may also be
  • The white in the eye becomes red. This is the most distinguishing symptom
    of pinkeye.

Bacterial Pinkeye3

This is caused by a bacteria entering the eye. The following infections can lead to pinkeye: gonorrhea, cat-scratch diseases, staph infection and Haemophilus influenzaeHaemophilus influenza.

There is more drainage in the case of bacterial pinkeye than viral pinkeye. Bacterial infections will last up to 10 days if there is no antibiotic treatment. In case antibiotic treatment is given, it lasts up to 4 days.

  • Treatment is usually through prescription.
  • The main symptoms of bacterial pinkeye.

Pseudoptosis which is the swelling of the eyelid (upper part) making
the lid look like it will droop.

Pain but mildly

  • Drainage from the eye may be yellow or gray. This results in the sticking together of the eyelashes.
  • The white of the eye may redden.
  • Differences between red-eye and pinkeye.

Red-eye, in general, includes all reddening of the eyes. It includes pinkeye and other infections that cause redness around the eye. However, pinkeye is the main cause of red-eye.

Red-eye can be caused by foreign matters in the eye like insects, injury, and glaucoma among others.